Daisy and I had been talking about working together for quite some time.

Then she left for Paris. After that, I was busy building a house. Later she was in Milan. Then I changed jobs and didn’t have the time to shoot. And so on and so on.

Finally, end of May 2015, Daisy was in the Netherlands again and my schedule allowed me to do some portfolio work.  So if we were going to have our shoot, we would better do it then, because soon her agency was going to be sending her off to Milan, London and Istanbul again.

So, May 25th, I threw some gear in the car and headed out to Vlissingen, where Daisy knew about this cool place where we could work on some images.

Hope you like what we did there.

Daisy on Facebook

Dasiy at Jill Models Management

Jill Models Management

D-010 D-020 D-030 D-040 D-050 D-070 D-080 D-090 D-100

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