Sasha’s place

If you’re on ModelMayhem and you browse to Sasha’s profile you can read my credit :

“Sasha is an awesome model and a wonderful person. I had the pleasure of working with her on 3 shoots and all of them yielded great results. Not only because she is gorgeous, but also because she is hard working, understands the photographers vision and strives for perfection in her posing. Highly recommended for every photographer, being beginner, intermediate or pro.”

Nothing to add here, except for maybe that Sasha is also a close friend and one of my favorite models ever.

For our latest shoot we set some goals : simple, honest, black&white, no make up, no retouching and aim for publication. The former being easy, the latter being a somewhat bigger challenge.

Both Sasha and I are happy with how the images turned out, and for me that is the most important, but with B-Authentique accepting our submission for publication, we can also say : “Mission accomplished”.

Hope you’ll enjoy the images.


Model : Sasha


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